Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a movement that is returning healthcare to its roots by putting the focus back on the doctor-patient relationship. It offers an affordable option with transparent pricing for your healthcare.  

At ThriveDPC we contract directly with you as the patient rather than the insurance company.  No more hassles, no more jumping through hoops.  Just pure medical care that focuses on your health needs. 

Why Directly Contract with the Patient? (1).jpg

Health insurance should be treated like car insurance.  It is there when disaster strikes. You do not turn in claims for oil changes, tire rotations, fuel or a car wash.  If you did your premiums would skyrocket.  When we apply this concept to health insurance: the oil changes, tire rotations, fuel and car washes are like primary care, and collisions are like hospitalizations.  You need insurance for the big things - medical catastrophes, chronic conditions or cancer requiring expensive treatment, but for everything else there is DPC.  

Dealing with insurance in a medical office creates a lot of overhead.  Instead we minimize this expense and pass the savings on to you.  By directly contracting between the doctor and patient we are able to search and negotiate for the best prices for labs, imaging, even specialist care. The patient panel size is also smaller because we are no longer using a model that bases compensation on visits in the office.  This is great for a couple of reasons:  1) it creates better access to your doctor and 2) if something can be appropriately handled over the phone or by email it will, which will save you time out of your day.