Through a direct care model we are able to decrease the patient panel size.  Now instead of caring for 2000-3000 patients (average of a traditional, insurance based fee-for-service office) we are able to limit the patient panel to 600. This allows for

  • Extended Office Visits (30-60min depending on your needs). You may find yourself checking the time on your watch, instead of your doctor :-).

  • Same Day or Next Day Visits. Stop waiting 2 weeks to see your doctor for that cold.

  • Cell/Email/Video Conferencing with your doctor. Have a rash you want to send a picture of? Great, send it on over and let us decide if it can be handled by phone or needs to be seen.

  • After-hours Access. Unfortunately many things in life do not occur during normal business hours, here you have the doctor's cell phone number, if it's an urgent need let us know!

  • Housecalls/work site appointments when necessary.

That's Great But There's More!

  • Wholesale Medications. We are able to dispense generic medications at wholesale prices(often saving you 50-90%). Skip that trip to the pharmacy!

  • Discounted Labs and Radiology. We have negotiated discounted costs for our patients.