Why contract directly between the patient and doctor?

In the traditional fee-for-service insurance based model, physicians are reimbursed for physically seeing patients and as such are encouraged to see as many as possible in a given day.  At ThriveDPC we charge an affordable fee (that can be broken down into monthly payments) that allows us to offer you outstanding, individualized care.  Want more time with your doctor?  Great, we can do that.  Have a problem that can be handled over the phone?  No need to come in, we can call, text or video conference.


Do I Still Need Insurance?

Yes.  Everyone needs catastrophic coverage because when a medical emergency occurs it will be expensive.  For patients who need to see a specialist routinely or require expensive specialty medications, you will need reasonable insurance coverage.  There are 'high deductible' plans that pair well the the DPC model as well as Health Sharing Ministries.  

I have great insurance coverage, what's in it for me?


That's great.  Here at ThriveDPC, in addition to offering cost saving benefits on things like labs and medications to our patients, we also offer great health care.  Are you tired of waiting two weeks or more to get an appointment with your doctor?  We offer same day or next day appointments if needed.  When you do finally get in to see your doctor do you feel rushed?  Our appointment times are extended and tailored to meet your needs with times ranging 30-60min per visit.  Tired of navigating the phone tree and triage system at your current office?  No phone trees here. 

I don't have health insurance.  Can I become a member?


Do you take Medicare?

Yes, we are able to care for patients with Medicare.  Our annual fees are not a covered Medicare service, so we will not bill Medicare for this.

How Many Patients Do You Care For?

We will be capping the practice at 600 patients. 

Can I restart my membership if I cancel?

Yes, re-enrollment after cancellation is allowed.  There is a $200 re-enrollment fee per member before services can be restarted.

What if I am healthy and rarely go to the doctor?

Cheers to your good health.  At ThriveDPC, we have the time to focus on preventative care and lifestyle management to help keep you healthy.  When those rare, pesky, acute needs do pop up we will be here to help. 

what do you not do?

Dr. Town does not prescribe or dispense chronic narcotics.  There are a number of other modalities to treat chronic pain which are quite effective and do not have the harmful side effects of chronic narcotic use.  We do not do prenatal/obstetrical care.  We are not insurance.  If there is a medical emergency you should call 911.